Student Art Contest

Give you students a chance to gain some very special recognition for their creative work!

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Fourth Annual Student Art Contest

4th Annual Student Art Contest

The Student Art Contest, co-sponsored by WEA Member Benefits and WEA Member Benefits Foundation, Inc., is now closed.

We had a record number of art submissions this year from extremely talented students. All the teachers, parents and students should be very proud! Congratulations to these 11 finalists:

  • Blythe Pulliam, Kindergarten, Deforest
  • Garrison Zipperer, 1st grade, Janesville
  • Quinn Krempian, 3rd grade, Winneconne
  • Addyson Sipe, 4th grade, Stoughton
  • Martin Popp, 5th grade, Waukesha
  • Ixchel Hanson, 7th grade, Waukesha
  • Abigail Waltenberry, 10th grade, Berlin
  • Haleh Fredenburg, 10th grade, Berlin
  • Kristin Walczynski, 11th grade, Lake Geneva
  • Anh Bui, 12th grade, Lake Geneva
  • Melanie Davis, 12th grade, Muskego

Thank you to all who participated!

Students’ artwork will be on display in our lobby this fall. We hope you’ll stop by to enjoy all of their creative work.

Details about our 5th annual student art contest will be shared on this page when they are available, or read your$ magazine—our quarterly magazine—for more information.