Student Art Contest

Give your students a chance to gain some very special recognition for their creative work!

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Adventure Awaits...5th Annual Student Art Contest

Announcing the winners of our
Fifth Annual Student Art Contest!


In 2016, we held our very first Student Art Contest after we were inspired by the Wisconsin Art Education Association’s annual statewide art show at the capitol. For the past four years, visitors to our lobby have been wowed by the outstanding work done by Wisconsin public school students. And we’re happy to showcase their talent!

This year’s theme was Adventure & Explore, and we had many creative entries! Thanks to all who participated.

Congratulations to year’s Student Art Contest finalists!

  • Kiralynn Lakowske, Kindergarten, Sparta
  • Emma Chen, Grade 2, Kenosha Unified School District
  • Emma Silva, Grade 5, Lake Mills School District
  • Alaina Knaak, Grade 5, Thoreau Elementary
  • Alexis Babler, Grade 6, Parkview
  • Ava Roberts, Grade 8, Watertown Unified School District
  • Emma Koltanowski, Grade 9, Lake Mills School District
  • Kiera Sullivan, Grade 10, Florence High School
  • Lio O’Shasky, Grade 11, Oak Creek Franklin
  • Olivia Bartol, Grade 12, Berlin School District
  • Alexia Folkman, Grade 12, Bonduel

Normally we hold a special awards ceremony to honor all of our student artists—but we aren’t sure if we will be able to gather in-person this year. Stay tuned for details on how we plan to honor our talented student artists—including our “Best in Show” artist—later this summer. We look forward to celebrating their achievements!

Stay tuned for our “Best in Show” announcement later this summer.

Fourth Annual Student Art Contest

Learn more about our Student Art Winners from our August 8, 2019 gathering.