Student Art Contest

Give your students a chance to gain some very special recognition for their creative work!

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Seventh annual student art contest

Seventh Annual Student Art Contest

Thank you to all who entered our Student Art Contest!

Eleven finalists were selected from over 100 student submissions from across Wisconsin based on the theme “Life is full of magical moments.” Students could submit pieces of art that focus on capturing an uplifting moment. Through art, we are celebrating what makes life’s moments so magical. This could be a moment the student or someone witnessed or felt happiness, love, or joy, a moment in time they wish they could freeze or revisit, or a moment they look forward to or cherish.

Congratulations to this years winners!

  • Brooklyn Kiel, Grade 1, Royall
  • Eliana Hajewski, Grade 1 Walworth
  • Niles Janzen, Grade 5, Fernwood
  • Mia Salas, Grade 7, Elmbrook
  • Cambria Branson Grade 7, Waupun
  • Kaitlyn Eastberg, Grade 9, Berlin
  • Lucy Marks, Grade 10, Berlin
  • Lily Schmidt, Grade 11, Wautoma
  • Allison Seanor, Grade 11, Wausau
  • Kylie DeBerg, Grade 11, Union Grove
  • Ellise Markevitch, Grade 12, Wausau


Later this summer, one finalist will be selected to receive the “Loeymae Lange Memorial Best in Class” award. The “Best in Class” award is named in memory of Loeymae Lange, who taught art at Cooper Elementary school in Burlington, Wisconsin, for 30 years. Her brother, Dr. Paul Lange, and his wife June have graciously honored Loeymae’s legacy and love for art by providing this memorial gift to the WEA Member Benefits Foundation, Inc.