Sixth Annual Student Art Contest

DATE | 03/08/21
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Announcing our 2021 contest theme: Be You!

Sponsored by WEA Member Benefits and WEA Member Benefits Foundation, Inc.

For the past five years, visitors to our lobby have been wowed by the outstanding work done by Wisconsin public school students and we’re happy to showcase their talent!

In 2021, we are accepting art that focuses on enriching lives through diversity and inclusion. Through art, we are celebrating what makes each one of us unique. It could be:

  • Your unique style of art.
  • An attribute that makes you unique.
  • Something that makes you proud of who you are.

Once again this year, monetary prizes from WEA Member Benefits Foundation, Inc., will be awarded to ten student winners, and one student artist will receive the “Loeymae Lange Best in Show” award.

Learn more and enter the contest at Contest open March 1 – April 30, 2021.

Consider giving to WEA Member Benefits Foundation. As you decide on your charitable gift giving this year, consider a donation to the Foundation. Its purpose is to support public education, public educators, and the communities they serve. Learn more by visiting