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Nominate a financial mentor before the end of summer

Do you have a colleague who has helped you or others with good advice on financial planning and saving for retirement? Nominate them today for the Financial Mentor Award!

Smart money move #9: Take advantage of employee benefits

Looking to improve your financial position this year? You may have untapped benefits that can help you get the job done. 

Free WRS eBook available

The Wisconsin Retirement System pension is an important source of retirement income for most state of Wisconsin employees, including Wisconsin public school employees. How much do you know about this benefit? Our free eBook includes 20 frequently asked questions you should know. Download your copy today.

Are your important documents in order?

You’ve probably spent quite a bit of time over the years saving for your retirement and planning out what you’ll do. But have you made a plan for your assets after you’re unable to manage them?

Smart Money Move #8: Pay it forward

Many Wisconsin public school employees attribute their participation in our retirement and insurance programs to someone who shared their experience and encouraged them to take action. Now is a good time to pay it forward by mentoring a colleague. You don't have to be an expert, just someone who's passionate about helping people learn—educators helping educators.

Retirees burdened by student loans

When you think of student loan debt, do you think of retirees? It may come as a surprise, but the number of people age 60 and older with student loan debt quadrupled—to more than 2.8 million—in the past decade. Unfortunately, many of these older borrowers are retired and struggling to make payments. Learn more about these loans and options for relief.

Don’t get soaked by storm chasers

Spring is here, summer is on its way, and with the changing seasons comes the increasing chance of severe weather. Perhaps you’ve had contractors knocking at your door after a big hailstorm asking to view the damage to your roof or siding. While you may have found legitimate help this way, be aware there are many individuals who try to take advantage of damaging weather by trying to commit fraud against you as well as insurance companies.

In the spotlight: Medicare and Medigap deadlines

Continued from Breaking into your second act. Don’t miss the windows for Medicare and Medigap enrollment. It’ll cost you.

Meet our Member Benefits Consultants

Meet our Member Benefits Consultants! Continued from Breaking into your second act.

Meet our new partner: Educators Credit Union

We found a partner as committed to helping Wisconsin public school employees become financially secure as we are: Educators Credit Union. The many similarities between our organizations—how we were created, who we serve, how we do business—are the basis of this relationship and why we believe it’s good for members. Learn the top five reasons why this partnership benefits you.

Is texting the new DUI?

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month. As more drivers take their cell phones into their vehicles, distracted driving continues to grow as a traffic safety issue. Learn more about the dangers and pick up some helpful tips to reduce your risk.

Tornado and Severe Weather Awareness Week

This year, April 17-21, 2017 is Tornado and Severe Weather Awareness Week in Wisconsin. A mock tornado watch and mock tornado warnings will be issued on Thursday, April 20.

Spring forward on important tasks at daylight saving time

Daylight saving time begins this spring is just around the corner, right? The time change is a good reminder to take care of some tasks that can protect the ones you love and help keep your finances on track. We share a few things to consider.

Take a lesson from Jack and Jill

Jill went up the hill to fetch an early retirement. But Jack started later, so the cost was much greater and he saved all the way 'til the end. Take a lesson from Jack and Jill and learn more about the power of compounding interest or the time value of money.

Smart Money Move #5: Build your financial savvy want to start making more informed decisions about your finances. Congratulations! That's a great first step. But where to start? Fortunately, Member Benefits has some excellent online tools and resources to help you become a more savvy saver and spender.

Smart Money Move #3: A budget is a beautiful thing

Having a budget is a key component of any financial plan. It requires an investment of time up front and requires you to face the good and the bad of your financial situation. But the pay off and benefits are long lasting.

January is National Radon Action Month

January has been designated National Radon Action Month by the Environmental Protection Agency to educate the public about the dangers of radon. Learn more about why you should be concerned, what you can do to reduce your risk, and where to get more information.

Help your kids become money savvy

Well before they start school, children develop attitudes that can influence a lifetime of financial behavior. Talking to your children about money can help them build a sense of financial awareness and financial responsibility.

New year, new resolutions for personal finances

There's a good reason January is Financial Wellness Month. With the new year still fresh with our good intentions, it's a great time to set some personal financial goals for the year. Here are a few suggestions to get you started.

Looking for a last minute gift for that special kid?

Why not open up a 529 college savings account on a child's behalf for a meaningful holiday gift? A 529 is a tax-advantaged savings plan offered by a state that makes it easier to save for college or other post-secondary education. Wisconsin’s plan is called Edvest.

Don’t let December spending give you a January hangover

According to an October 2016 Gallup poll, Americans expect to spend $785 on average for the Christmas holiday. While this may be a positive sign for retailers, it could become a pain in your budget that you’ll feel long after the season is over. Take a few tips from us to stay out of spending trouble and enjoy your holidays more.

Smart Money Move #1: Save early, save often

Start saving! Saving even a small amount each month is better than nothing. And, starting early gives you a longer timeline to reap the benefits of compounding.

New resource for young educators

If you’re a recent grad or young educator (or you know someone who is), you may be feeling overwhelmed by new responsibilities and financial obligations. The good news: Member Benefits can help you lessen your anxiety and gain more financial confidence. Take advantage of our new online resource.

Member Benefits supports Wisconsin educators because they never want to stop learning

Member Benefits was pleased to award four Wisconsin educators scholarships to attend the National Institute of Financial and Economic Literacy (NIFEL) Summer Institute financial literacy courses.

New educators can learn a lot with the Don’t Be Jack™ game

In our article, “Personal finance lessons: 4 insights for new educators,” new teacher Molly Walsh Anderson shared important financial lessons she’s learned in part from playing Member Benefits’ Don’t Be Jack interactive board game. It’s a great way to learn about financial issues that impact Wisconsin public school employees.

Did you change where you bank or move to a new address?

Have you moved recently or are you planning on moving over the summer? Make sure your electronic contributions to your WEAC IRA and/or personal insurance continue without interruption by notifying us if you have changed where you bank or if your account information has changed.

Likewise, if you have moved, please contact us with your new address to ensure timely delivery of important information.

Are you on the move?

If you recently moved or have plans to move this fall, please let us know your new address. Don't worry, it's fast and easy to do.

Deadlines are coming up before you know it

Get the details on deadlines for 403(b) and IRA exchanges/transfers/rollovers, postdated checks, and year-end withdrawal deadlines.

Winners of the Financial Mentor Award

Our 2016 Mentor Award winners have been recommended by their peers as champions of education who take the time to mentor their colleagues on good financial planning and saving for retirement. The nominators were passionate in their praise of this year’s winners. Read what they had to say about these exceptional financial advocates.

Fall financial checklist

Before you know it, the holidays will be here with all of those to-do list items taking your time and attention. So October can be a great time to review your finances before things get busy so you can start the new year in good shape. Here are a few things to check off your financial task list.

Art worth celebrating!

Come and view some of the great the talent we have in our Wisconsin public school students! We have the perfect wall in our reception area to showcase student art. So, we sent out a request to art teachers to have students submit their artwork for a contest. They more than answered the call!

Last chance to nominate a financial mentor for 2016!

Do you know someone who takes the time to give financial encouragement, advice, and guidance to his or her colleagues? Chances are there is someone in your district who goes the extra mile to help others build financial security. Why not show that person some appreciation?

Are you on the move this summer?

If you recently moved or have plans to move this summer, please let us know your new address. It's quick and easy to make the change.

Nominate a financial mentor before summer ends

Do you know someone who takes the time to give financial encouragement, advice, and guidance to his or her colleagues? Give that person some well-deserved recognition.

Be aware and be prepared for severe weather

We may be well into summer but it's not too late for severe storms and tornadoes. Do you know the difference between a severe weather watch and a severe weather warning? Knowing the difference could save your life.

WATCH: Stay alert and aware.
WARNING: Take action now.

FRONTLINE: How retirement fees cost you [INFOGRAPHIC]

View this excellent, interactive infographic from PBS' FRONTLINE program on how fees could be eating away at your retirement savings. While this infographic is based on the 401(k), it still applies to the 403(b) and other retirement savings programs held by Wisconsin public school employees.

Fostering financial literacy in and out of the classroom

Imagine sharing your personal financial information with your students—your bank account transactions, your retirement account statements, even your bills. Patrick Kubeny, a nationally certified business education teacher at Rhinelander High School, not only sets the example, he is the example. He puts everything out there for all of his students to see, because he believes his real life examples are his strongest teaching tools.

403(b) FAQ

Find the answer to your 403(b) question by searching our Frequently Asked Question database. If your question is not posted here, please give us a call at 1-800-279-4030.

Have a fun (and safe) 4th

Fourth of July celebrations will be starting this weekend and going on through the holiday. It's one many people look forward to and often the highlight of the summer. Whatever fun stuff you have planned, we want you to be safe. Here are a few common sense tips from the American Red Cross to help make your celebration a great one to remember.

HOT financial resources

It’s summertime! Time to relax a bit and have some fun. And since you may have more free time compared to your busy school year, it’s also a good idea to take a look at your finances. Here are some great financial resources from Member Benefits to help fill your summer hours.

Credit union vs. bank

Have you ever wondered about the difference between a credit union and a bank? Because these two types of financial services companies do largely the same things—that is, take deposits and make loans—their differences aren’t immediately apparent. However, two main distinctions are ownership and profit.

“100 Deadliest Days” have begun

AAA just released their top driving distractions for teens as the “100 Deadliest Days” begin from Memorial Day through the summer. Find out the top three distractions for teens, get ideas on how to educate your teen about distracted driving, and follow the link to the full article.

A quick who’s who for you

Confusion be gone! There is often confusion between WEA Member Benefits and other independent organizations that also serve the Wisconsin education community. We clear that up for you in today's blog.

How to choose a financial planner

Deciding which financial professional to trust is a very important decision and shouldn’t be made without some thorough vetting. Our best advice…ask questions. Getting the answers to important questions up front will help you avoid surprises (the bad kind) later on.

Got student loans? Seek forgiveness

In a time when student loan debt has been referred to as a national crisis, it’s surprising how little awareness there is for student loan forgiveness programs. It’s even more surprising how many borrowers could actually benefit from them.

Want to improve your financial literacy knowledge?

Take advantage of the annual summer institute series for educators on financial literacy from the National Institute of Financial and Economic Literacy (NIFEL). There are three courses to choose from that can help build your confidence in teaching a wide array of financial topics.

Bridging the generation savings gap

While the younger generation is facing new financial challenges, there are plenty of old school strategies and new solutions to help them make the most of their finances.

A timely reminder

Many of us look forward to “longer days” as we change our clocks to daylight saving time, and we've been enjoying it for several weeks now. It’s also a good time to move forward on some important household tasks to help keep you and your family members safe. Did you get this to-do list done yet?

Find classes and resources during Money Smart Week

Money Smart Week®, April 23-30, 2016, is an annual event that offers financial education programs for people of all demographics and income levels. During Money Smart Week, you might learn about saving for college, buying a house, using credit wisely, managing student debt, or financing retirement.

What are your priorities when you drive?

Would you rather miss a phone call...or miss a stop sign? The National Safety Council (NSC) has some thought provoking questions for you to ponder during Distracted Driving Awareness Month.

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