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Within 10 years of retirement? Add these items to your retirement checklist

As you near retirement age, it is a good time to review your current financial situation and plan for your final career years. With this in mind, we have provided a list of five things you should consider as you approach retirement.

Keys to successful retirement saving

Want to start saving for retirement? We have a few tips to keep in mind that can help you be a successful saver.

Free eBooks from Member Benefits

Download these helpful guides created especially for younger educators. Topics include WRS, home buying, student loans, and more.

Retirement FAQ

While we talk with members about a number of retirement savings topics, there are some questions that we often hear that may interest you.

403(b) and IRA contribution limits have changed

Take advantage of new 403(b) and IRA contribution limits to increase your retirement savings in 2019.

1099-R coming in the mail soon

If you took a reportable distribution from your WEA TSA Trust 403(b) and/or WEAC IRA account(s) during 2018, watch for a 1099-R in the mail soon.

Time to review your retirement account

Did you review your retirement account when school started in the fall? If not, a brand new year can also be a good reminder to give your account an annual checkup.

New year, new resolution for retirement savings

We have a new year's resolution that can really pay off for you in the long run—resolve to increase your retirement savings.

Announcing the 2019 Prudential Guaranteed Credited Rate

WEA Member Benefits is pleased to announce the Prudential Guaranteed Investment credited annual rate of return for both the WEA TSA Trust and WEAC IRA programs.

How the Prudential Guaranteed Investment Credited Rate is determined

Each year the announcement of the guaranteed rate prompts questions from participants....we give answers.

Dream snatchers: Part 2

Part 2 of a 3 part series: The fees you pay in your retirement savings accounts matter! The number one factor in determining your rate of return—after asset allocation—is cost.

Choosing a 403(b)

What to look for when choosing a 403(b) provider. When comparing plans, whether you are just getting started or looking to transfer your account to another provider, consider the following in your decision.

Why choose us?

Choose the right 403(b) provider for you. Learn advantages to Wisconsin public school employees who save for their retirement with our low-cost 403(b) program.

Save money by moving 403(b) accounts to WEA TSA Trust

Providing home, auto, and additional liability insurance, TSA and IRA retirement investments for Wisconsin public school employees.

Our 403(b) fees

Compare fees charged for WEA TSA Trust 403(b) account to other 403(b) providers. Lower fees mean more of your money will be working for you.

Should I stay or should I go? Moving money from your retirement accounts should not be done hastily

Providing home, auto, and additional liability insurance, TSA and IRA retirement investments for Wisconsin public school employees.

3 things you need to know to navigate fees in your retirement savings account

Fees are often not easy to find or to understand. So let’s explore the topic of retirement account fees so you can make informed savings decisions.

Income from self-employment? Don't forget SEP retirement contributions

It is not unusual for school employees to have a job on the side during the school year or summer break. Save more for your retirement through a Simplified Employee Pension (SEP) plan.

Time to review 403(b) and IRA contribution limits

Are you contributing as much as you can toward your retirement? If you're not maximizing your contributions, you may wish to re-evaluate the amount you're putting toward retirement.

Personal investment account opportunity

We are now scheduling appointments for those interested in nonretirement investment accounts (also referred to as a retail account).

Enhancements to yourMONEY

Next time you log in to yourMONEY online retirement account, you will notice some changes have been made that we hope you will find even more helpful for managing your account.

Important end-of-year dates for your retirement accounts

Year-end is closing in! Watch your contribution limits and check your calendar for important dates.

No more recharacterization of IRA conversions

Prior to 2018, individuals were allowed to recharacterize IRA conversions and employer retirement account taxable rollovers into a Roth IRA. As of 2019, that will not be the case.

WRS contribution rates down slightly for 2019

The Wisconsin Retirement System contribution rate will decrease slightly in 2019. Consider this an opportunity to increase your contributions in other retirement savings accounts.

Never too early, or late, to start saving

No matter where you are in your career, it's never too early, or late, to start saving. Our retirement products are created exclusively for Wisconsin public school employees.

Do your accounts have the right beneficiaries?

Take a moment to review your beneficiaries in your retirement accounts...they take precedence over your will.

Setting your own course to a secure retirement

You can’t know everything that will happen in your life—but anticipating and planning for the challenges increases the chance of achieving your retirement goals.

Charting a course to a secure retirement: Member stories

The stories these three Wisconsin educators share illustrate that point and may inspire you to take some positive steps now as you embark on your own financial voyage.

Charting a course to a secure retirement

Women have to navigate unique barriers in order to secure their retirement. Fortunately, there are steps they can take to help minimize or eliminate them.

Compounding interest: It’s amazing

Compounding can have a significant impact on your retirement savings. For best results, save early, save regularly, and save more when you can.

Choosing Beneficiaries for Your Retirement Account

Providing home, auto, and additional liability insurance, TSA and IRA retirement investments for Wisconsin public school employees.

Shore up your retirement savings

Summer is a good time to update your Salary Reduction Agreement (SRA) so you’ll be ready to go for the school year.

A new fund, a name change, and an update

We regularly review our investment options to maintain the quality of our retirement savings program. Learn more about recent fund and portfolio changes.

Mutual fund lineup and model portfolio update

Learn about our upcoming mutual fund changes and model portfolio updates.

Learn more about the 403(b) and IRA

Learn about the Roth, investment strategy, risk tolerance, choosing beneficiaries, and much more.

Protecting a legacy: The update

Update on our evaluation of the Guaranteed Investment and our partnership with Prudential Retirement Insurance and Annuity Company.

Protecting a legacy

With $2.4 billion in member assets, the Guaranteed Investment is kind of a big deal.

Protecting a legacy: Participant level protections

Participant level protections are new to the Prudential Guaranteed Investment Account. Here’s more detail about when these protections could be triggered and what they mean to members.

Start small, save big

Don’t think you have enough money to save for retirement? Then you might be surprised to learn how a small amount can make a big difference. The key is to start…now.

403(b) and IRA Beneficiary Information

Providing home, auto, and additional liability insurance, TSA and IRA retirement investments for Wisconsin public school employees.

Market volatility happens

History has clearly shown us that the market is predictably unpredictable. If you’re feeling uncomfortable with market volatility, keep these tips in mind.

It's a great time for saving o' the green

What better time than St. Patrick's Day to pad your luck by saving a little more green! No four-leaf clover required. Here's a few ideas to help you build up your pot of gold.

Before you choose a retirement savings account

Before you choose a retirement savings account, check off these questions.

How we screen for mutual fund offerings

To ensure the quality of our retirement savings programs, Member Benefits has a committee of staff members who regularly review our investment options.

403(b) contribution limits have changed

The 2018 limit for the 403(b) has increased to $18,500. Are you maximizing your retirement contributions?

1099-R coming in the mail

If you took a reportable distribution from your Member Benefits 403(b) and or IRA account(s), expect an important document in the mail soon.

New year, new retirement statements for members

View a quick video and get more information on our friendlier, easier-to-read member retirement statements.

If you only keep one resolution this year, resolve to save more

It’s never been more important to save for your financial future and it’s never been easier. Open a retirement account with Member Benefits.

Watch your contribution limits…year end is closing in

It’s up to the participant (not the employer) to pay attention to contribution limits in their 403(b) account. Have your reviewed yours?

Important deadlines are coming up quickly

Be sure to get these important 403(b) and IRA deadlines into your calendar.

 2019 Guaranteed Rate