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Smart Money Move #7: Find someone to trust

Do you need a financial planner? If the answer is yes, you need to do a little research first.

Share the benefits: It's a family thing

Did you know that many of our insurance and retirement programs can be shared with your family--including your spouse, children, grandchildren, parents, and parents-in-law?

Don’t miss these curtain calls

Refer to this handy list of deadlines so you don't miss any important dates when preparing to retire.

Breaking into your second act

Before making your retirement debut, you need to rehearse for the part. The act of retiring changes everything from what you do every day and who you see to how you spend and manage your money.

Q&A: Calculating your RMD

As you craft your retirement strategy, planning for age 70½ is a must, because that’s when required minimum distributions (RMDs) kick in. Here are some things you need to know.

What's your investment style?

At its most basic, how you decide to invest should be based on what kind of investor you are—your style—so you can make choices that are right for you.

A cautionary tale: No free lunches!

Seminar invites and ads targeted at seniors should be scrutinized for “red flag” language that SEC investigators say is meant to lure you in. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Free WRS eBook available

How much do you know about WRS? Our free eBook includes 20 frequently asked questions you should know.

The fiduciary standard: Two changes

The Department of Labor is imposing a new rule that requires brokers to handle retirement accounts to act in the client’s best interest.

Retirement Income Projection

On track to meet your retirement goals? The Retirement Income Projection is a financial planning service appopriate for those 11+ years from retirement.

Retirement Income Analysis

Preparing to retire? This highly focused, comprehensive retirement planning service is suitable for Wisconsin public school employees within 10 years of retirement.

Portfolio Analysis

Member Benefits' Portfolio Analysis financial planning service is a comprehensive evaluation of your current investment portfolio. Align your portfolio with your financial goals.

One-Hour Consultation

Free one-hour financial planning consultation for newer members to help you get on the road to financial security.

WEA Member Benefits offers financial planning services at locations throughout Wisconsin

If you have specific questions regarding your retirement and/or investment portfolio, or are looking for financial guidance, our Financial Planner may be able to assist. We have several locations available throughout Wisconsin for you to meet with our Planner during the school year.

April is National Financial Literacy Month

It's National Financial Literacy Month. To help you achieve your financial goals, consider these resources that promote financial literacy in April and all year long.

Will your retirement plan last a lifetime?

How would your plans for retirement change if you knew you were going to live to 100? You’ll be better prepared if you understand the role life expectancy should play on your savings decisions.

Special retirement considerations for women

While both sexes are living longer than ever before, a longer life expectancy can impact women even more in retirement due to a number of issues.

Understanding WRS - On Demand Seminar

Wisconsin Retirement System (the state pension plan) will be a source of retirement income for most Wisconsin public school employees. How much do you know about this important benefit? In this three-part series, learn about WRS, how it works, how to read your statement, how benefits are calculated, the different payout options available at retirement, core versus variable fund participation, and much more.

New year, new resolutions for personal finances

With the new year still fresh with our good intentions, it's a great time to set some personal financial goals for the year.

Financial Planning: Start small (and early) to finish big (VIDEO)

Many young educators are facing new financial responsibilities, but it doesn't have to be complicated. Learn more by watching our video.

New educators can learn a lot with the Don’t Be Jack™ game

WEA Member Benefits' Don’t Be Jack™ game is a great way to learn about financial issues that impact Wisconsin public school employees.

Shape up: Get financially fit during National Financial Literacy Month

Providing home, auto, and additional liability insurance, TSA and IRA retirement investments for Wisconsin public school employees.

Boost your retirement savings (and five other financially smart ways to spend your tax refund)

Did you receive a tax refund this year? If so, here are six financially smart ways to spend your tax refund.

Personal finance lessons: 4 insights for new educators

New Wisconsin public school teacher Molly Walsh Anderson shares four lessons that have helped her navigate new financial realities and responsibilities.

Plan like a vampire

Take a lesson from these eternal creatures and plan for the long term. We can help you get started or review your financial plan.

Frankenstein’s investment style

Overlooking the personality flaws, Frankenstein—or the creation of Frankenstein—can help to illustrate the important investment concept of diversification.

Many factors can affect your retirement

Here's just one factor of many we'll help you consider to get a more realistic picture of what you’ll have in retirement when you participate in our Retirement Income Analysis.

Spending early may actually be financially beneficial. Go figure!

When you participate in an Retirement Income Analysis, we get you thinking about things that may seem surprising. Here is one example.

Are you retirement ready?

If you’re within 10 years of retirement, you may be wondering: Can I really retire? Fortunately, Member Benefits can help you answer those questions and much more with a comprehensive Retirement Income Analysis.

Retirement Income Analysis planning steps

There are five basic steps in Member Benefits' retirement planning process.

Retirement Income Analysis planning steps

If you decide to sign up for a Retirement Income Analysis, here are the steps involved in the process.

Keep debt in check

Is debt a problem for you? We share some warning signs to watch for and simple steps to help reduce debt.

You can stick with us

Did you know that you can stay insured with us even after you leave your school job or retire? And your Member Benefits’ 403(b) and IRA accounts can remain with us whether you retire, change districts, or change professions?

The Buchegers: Making their dreams reality

"Your Story" from WEA Member Benefits: Members sharing their financial journeys and lessons learned.

Should I stay or should I go? Moving money from your retirement accounts should not be done hastily

Providing home, auto, and additional liability insurance, TSA and IRA retirement investments for Wisconsin public school employees.

One for the ages: Longer life span=New game plan

As life expectancy increases, you may need to revisit your retirement strategy. Knowing the odds of a long life are in your favor, it may be wise to review your long-term financial plan. Here are two strategies to help you meet your potential future needs.

Dream snatchers: Part 3

Part 3 of a 3 part series: Despite our best intentions to act rationally, basic impulses and emotional responses can influence our decisions, often against our better judgment. We wrap up our series exploring this potential retirement planning mistake and share some keys to successful investing to help keep the dream snatchers (procrastination, fees, and emotion) at bay.

Dream snatchers: Part 1

Procrastination. Fees. Emotion. Let them rule your decision making process and you may find them to be your most destructive retirement planning mistakes. The good news is that you actually have control over these dream demons. Here are some ways to stop them in their tracks. (Part 1 of 3)

Get a new start on saving

This can be your year to save more for retirement. Start it out right with a few tips to make a lasting financial impact on your life.

PSYCH! A peek into the investor's mind

Emotions can wreak havoc on our financial decision making and financial future. Behavioral economist Justin Sydnor sheds light on the psychological influences that cause people to make financial decisions that may be contrary to their own interests.

Should I retire? Can I afford to retire and when?

A common question for those ten to fifteen years away from retirement age, the answer is different for everyone.

Know a budget

Having a budget is a key component of any financial plan.

How to choose a financial planner

Deciding which financial professional to trust is a very important decision and shouldn’t be made without some thorough vetting. Our best advice…ask questions. Getting the answers to important questions up front will help you avoid surprises (the bad kind) later on.

Breaking up is (hard) EASY to do

Is it time to write a "Dear John" letter to your high cost financial planner and product provider?

Meet our planners

Our financial planners specialize in working with Wisconsin public school employees. They put the members’ best interests first. Meet our financial planners and learn how you can make an appointment.

Get your plan on in 2016

Financial planning is a career-long process—a journey. Every financial decision you make (or don’t make) along the way can impact when you will reach your final destination and what it will look like when you arrive. Our financial planners can help tailor a plan to suit your goals and your situation regardless of where you are at on your journey.

Bridging the generation savings gap

While the younger generation is facing new financial challenges, there are plenty of old school strategies and new solutions to help them make the most of their finances.

Financial remedies for new challenges

We share some resources and remedies available to the younger generation that may help manage new economic challenges.

Find investing boring? Good.

If you are experiencing a rush (or stress) from watching the market every day or constantly buying and selling stocks like you see in TV and the movies, you may be taking bigger risks than you should or need to.

The perfectly bored investor...

For most of us, taking a more lackluster, long-term approach to investing is a better way to grow wealth over time. Here are some common traits of investors who are in it for the long haul.

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