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Under water

After experiencing one of the devastating Wisconsin floods in 2018, the Brehms count themselves fortunate to have coverage through Member Benefits.

Free eBooks from Member Benefits

Download these helpful guides created especially for younger educators. Topics include WRS, home buying, student loans, and more.

Clearing up claims confusion

Misunderstandings about insurance claims can be a sore subject...we offer some clarity.

Flooding is not covered by standard home insurance policies

It’s a common misunderstanding that standard homeowners insurance policies will cover the damage from flooding, but in fact it never does.

Stormy weather ahead: Tips to help minimize your risk

Providing home, auto, and additional liability insurance, TSA and IRA retirement investments for Wisconsin public school employees.

Flood insurance coverage FAQs

Does my homeowners insurance policy cover flooding? Am I eligible for flood insurance? Here are answers to these commonly asked questions.

Five critical times to review your insurance

Make sure your insurance is keeping up with your life! We share a few critical events that should trigger a review of your policies.

Spring rains bring flood risk: Are you covered?

Spring rains are a good reminder to be sure your home is adequately covered in case of a flood.

Spring floods: Protect your home and yourself

It’s mid-March and already areas in central and northern Wisconsin are being hit with floods. When it comes to your home and personal safety, we have some good information you'll want to know about.

Flood Insurance

Just because you haven't experienced a flood in the past, doesn't mean you won't in the future. Anywhere it rains, it can flood. Since standard homeowners insurance doesn't cover flooding, it's important to have protection.

Wondering if you qualify for our insurance program in retirement?

If you’re retiring soon and are interested in our insurance products, plan ahead.

You can stick with us

Did you know that you can stay insured with us even after you leave your school job or retire? And your Member Benefits’ 403(b) and IRA accounts can remain with us whether you retire, change districts, or change professions?

Need to take action on your insurance? We make it easy

Member Benefits makes it easy to take care of your insurance needs online. Here's a little summary of what you can find on our website.

Do you need flood insurance?

Member Benefits is now offering flood insurance in response to member requests.

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