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Perception Survey 2021

DATE | 08/23/21
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Read the results of our third annual member perception survey.

Member Benefits completed its third annual Member Perception Survey to gauge customer satisfaction and understand trends. Says David Kijek, President and CEO, “We’ve worked on improvements to serve you better and looked forward to seeing if our efforts had made a difference. Overall, it looks like you’re telling us they have.”

First impressions

What first comes to mind when thinking about WEA Member Benefits this year is customer service:

  • Customer service (29%)
  • Products/services (28%)
  • Retirement/retirement planning (23%)

“Trust. I trust you will give me honest answers to my questions. I also trust that you will give me help when I don’t understand something.”


Eighty-eight percent felt Member Benefits has a Very Good or Excellent reputation—an increase over 2020.


Sixty-seven percent of members feel Member Benefits Exceeds or Somewhat Exceeds expectations, a 4% increase from 2020.

Lives up to brand promise

Member opinion of whether Member Benefits lives up to its brand promise remains consistent from 2020 and 2019.

  • Always 52% (50%, 51%)
  • Often 40% (41%, 40%)

Financial security

Differing from the previous two years, external factors like COVID-19, the economy, taxes, and politics represent the number two financial stressor for respondents (14%; 6% in 2020, 8% in 2019). The questions surrounding financial security were adjusted slightly for the 2021 survey.

Financial security results

Customer satisfaction

As in 2020, a vast majority of respondents Agree or Strongly Agree that providing excellent customer service is a top priority at Member Benefits.

“One of the financial planners really helped me. It was a priority in timing, and she ‘dropped’ everything to give me advice. I needed the peace of mind she gave.”

Customer satisfaction results

Net Promoter Score

The Net Promoter Score, a measure of likelihood to recommend an organization, has been trending upward for the past two years. Member Benefits saw an 8% jump from 2019 (57% in 2021, 53% in 2020, 49% in 2019). A score above 50% is considered excellent.

Net promoter score results

Top advice from members

Member advice for President and CEO David Kijek this year focused on service and outreach, improving communications such as continuing virtual options and receiving more information via e-mail, increasing investment options, investing in employees, and enhancing personalized service.

We also received positive comments such as:

“Keep the personal communication lines open and available. I love the ability to talk to a real person to get answers.”
“Overall, amazing products…wish I knew about you earlier in my teaching career!”
“In an uneasy world, I feel my hard-earned money is in excellent hands. Thank you for everything you do on behalf of teachers and their loved ones.”

David Kijek states, “We feel good about this survey and believe our organization is continuing to move in the right direction. However, we want to continue to improve, and we truly appreciate the honest feedback our members give us so we can do just that.”