Perception 2020 survey

DATE | 08/10/20
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Take a look at the results of our second annual member perception survey.

Last year, Member Benefits conducted its first annual survey to members to learn how they felt about us and their views of the organization based on their experiences. This gave us a baseline for the level of member satisfaction, their affinity for our products and service, and how likely they would be to recommend Member Benefits to a colleague or family member, among other things. “We were pleased with last year’s results,” says David Kijek, President and CEO, “but saw room for improvement. So, we implemented changes throughout the year based on what we learned, and hoped the 2020 survey would reflect our efforts.”

Like last year, approximately 10,000 members (selected at random) received the survey, which included the same questions from 2019 in order to measure progress year over year.

Well, the 2020 results are in and while shifts in member responses were modest, all were toward the positive.

First impressions

What first comes to mind when thinking about WEA Member Benefits is unchanged from 2019:

  • Products/services 33%
  • Customer service 30%
  • Retirement/retirement planning 21%


Eighty-seven percent felt Member Benefits has a Very Good or Excellent reputation—a 2% increase over 2019.


When it comes to expectations, 63% of members feel Member Benefits Exceeds or Somewhat Exceeds expectations, a 3% improvement over 2019.

Lives up to brand promise

Member opinion of whether Member Benefits lives up to its brand promise was similar to 2019.

  • Always 50% (51%)
  • Often 41% (40%)

Customer satisfaction

As in 2019, a vast majority of respondents Agree or Strongly Agree that providing excellent customer service is a top priority at Member Benefits.

customer satisfaction results

Net Promoter Score

Probably the most significant change this year was in the Net Promoter Score, a measure of likelihood to recommend an organization. Member Benefits saw a 4% increase from 49% to 53%.

net promoter score

Financial security

As in 2019, members anticipate the biggest financial challenges of 2020 will be preparing for the future (29%) and paying off bills and debt (19%). But the overall feeling of financial security improved.

financial security results

Top advice from members

Member advice for President and CEO David Kijek in 2020 is consistent with that of 2019: Focus on service and outreach, specifically with in-person meetings, personalized service, and educational materials; improve products and the online account Web site; and invest in employees. Members also added positive notes:

  • “Continue your dedication to educators who trust you to do the right thing for them.”
  • “Good reputation and recommendations from friends who have retired from teaching and have used your services!”

“While the 2020 survey results were positive in our eyes, we know there is room to improve,” says David. “Until we have A+ performance across the board, there is work to do. We can always count on members to provide needed feedback—positive and negative—to keep us moving in the right direction.”