Condo Insurance


Calculate how much coverage you need by breaking it down into two parts: coverage for contents and coverage for structural items. Structural items include anything that is physically attached to the unit such as countertops and flooring. Content items include your personal possessions such as furniture and jewelry.

Structural Coverage. Ask either your realtor, condo builder, or condo association the price per square foot to rebuild your unit. Remember that this price does not include any upgrades you may have added. For example, if you upgraded your kitchen with granite countertops and stainless steel appliances, be sure to adjust your coverage to include these upgrades.

Personal Property Coverage. Start by documenting the total original cost and estimated present value of your personal possessions. Member Benefits has provided a Home Inventory Form to help you organize this information.

Keep your coverage up to date

Condo owners must review the most updated version of their bylaws to adjust for any changes in coverage responsibility. Also any remodeling and/or upgrades to your unit can affect your coverage needs.

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  • Home Inventory Form
  • Insurance forms and brochures