How will you pay for long-term care if you need it in the future?

DATE | 05/04/18
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Recent surveys show that the majority of people believe that health insurance or Medicare pay for long-term care (LTC) expenses. That is simply not true. They do not pay for more than 100 days of home health, assisted living facility, or nursing home expenses.

Other surveys show that most people also believe that long-term care insurance (LTCi) is unaffordable and difficult to qualify for, and these are not true either.

The WEA Member Benefits Long-Term Care Insurance Program has been helping public school employees and retirees figure out how to pay for LTC since 1998. No matter what your circumstance, we have a variety of solutions from different insurers to meet your needs.

The following are the most common situations for members:

“We’re on a tight budget.”

Long-term care insurance is more affordable than you may think. We can help find a solution to protect you against the high cost of home health care, assisted living, and nursing facilities–costs that are not covered by health insurance or Medicare.

Below are some sample rates for our most popular solution for couples on a budget:

$300,000 couple’s total benefit @ $2,000/month for each
Ages 45 and 45 $83/month for two policies
Ages 55 and 55$109/month for two policies
Ages 65 and 65$197/month for two policies

A variety of affordable rates are available for singles, too.

“We have health challenges.”

Our new AM Best A+ rated insurer can help those who have been turned down by other LTCi insurers. To date, 80% of those who have been previously declined were approved to submit applications. If you have previously been denied for failure to meet height/weight requirements, we now offer a product with more generous underwriting requirements.

“We planned well for our retirement and want to protect our assets.”

New in 2018! Repositioning a small portion of your savings can usually protect a significant amount of your assets. In most cases, you or your estate gets most of your premium back even if you never need LTC. If you meet requirements, plans may include premium rate caps, limited-pay options, or the ability to insure two for a discounted premium.

Please join us for a seminar, webinar, or individual consultation to learn more.


We are hosting webinars on a regular basis including new options for members on a budget, those with health challenges, or members concerned with protecting their assets. Visit our seminars page for the schedule and to register.

Individual phone/online consultations

LTCi Specialists are available seven days a week for individual phone and online consultations. Please select a day and time that is convenient for you at our SignUpGenius page.

If you have LTCi questions or wish to register by phone, please call us at 888-247-5905 during normal business hours.