How will I pay for long-term care?

DATE | 08/20/18
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New options are available to help you answer this important question.

“Three years ago my wife required long-term care. I am very grateful we have this insurance because it has enabled my wife to receive the quality care she needs. If you don’t have long-term care insurance protection, you owe it to yourself and your family to at least learn what your options are from Member Benefits.” —Don Holmen, Retired Librarian, Waunakee School District

Member Benefits’ long-term care (LTC) insurance program has been helping Wisconsin public school employees and retirees figure out how to pay for LTC since 1998. No matter what your circumstances, we have a variety of solutions from different insurers to meet your needs.

There are some new options available this year:

  • Repositioning a small portion of your savings can usually protect a significant amount of your assets. In most cases, you or your estate gets most of your premium back even if you never need LTC. If you meet requirements, plans may include premium rate caps, limited-time pay options, or the ability to insure two people for a discounted premium.
  • Our new AM Best A+ insurer uses a different logic for deciding who qualifies for coverage. This enables many more applicants to be approved, including those that have been turned down by one or more LTC insurers. Prescreening is available.

We are hosting weekly webinars so you can learn about our new program from the comfort of your own home. Visit our seminars page for schedules and registration information.

Or if you prefer, one-hour individual consultations are available. Sign up here for a consultation. Spouses are also welcome to participate.