Financial Wellness Starts With the District and Benefit$ Everyone

Thanks for joining us at our recent "Employee Financial Wellness Starts With the District and Benefit$ Everyone" presentation. Below you will find materials and items of interest related to employee financial wellness and other topics.

Presentation materials

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Engagement in workplace retirement plans is fundamental to employees’ retirement readiness. When saving for the future, how prepared are your employees? In this session, we explore the role school districts have in preparing their employees for retirement.  Notable topics include:

  • Why having financially healthy employees saves school districts money.
  • The importance of financially healthy employees and the need for workplace financial wellness programs.
  • A checklist every 403(b) plan should have.
  • Future trends in school district 403(b) plans.
  • Effective ways to encourage retirement savings at no additional cost.

In this presentation you will find out why your employees aren’t saving and what you need to know to help them become financially healthy.

Items of Interest Related to Financial Wellness financial wellness presentation materials image

403(b)est Practices Your District's 403(b) Plan Should Have

>> Download the checklist

8 Ways to Encourage Employee Participation in District Retirement Plans

>> Download the flyer

Action Plan for your District's Role in Creating Financially Healthy Employees

>> Download the checklist

The Three Benefits of Employee Education

>> Link to the video on YouTube

How to Attract and Retain Top Talent in Your District

Learn how Sparta School District embraced a vesting and matching program to attract and retain top talent.

>> Download the Whitepaper  

Enhance your school district benefits with a matching/vesting contribution program

>> Download the brochure

>> 10 steps on how to implement a matching/vesting program at your district 

Struggling to attract and keep top talent?

Start with us. Send us an email and we will put you in touch with a Worksite Benefit Consultant that services your school district. Our Worksite Benefit Consultants (WBCs) will work with your district staff to provide financial education to your employees as well as provide your district with consultative services. They will work with our Plan Administration Consultants (PACs) who can provide complimentary retirement plan compliance services to your school district. Our Member Benefit Consultants (MBCs) can meet with your employees one-on-one and provide free 30-minute individual financial consultations at your schools.

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