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Am I covered if I rent a car in another country?

Your WEA Member Benefits auto policy provides coverage in the United States and Canada.  There is no coverage provided in Mexico or other foreign countries.

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Do I have coverage if I rent a moving truck?

No.  We do not provide any coverage because moving trucks are much different from the vehicle you usually drive.  You need to purchase coverage from the rental company.

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If I am not at-fault in the accident, why do I have to pay my deductible?

The collision deductible applies to all collision claims, regardless of fault.  However, we will reimburse you for your deductible if we are successful with our claim against the other insurance company or party involved.

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Since my student is now away at school and does not have a car, can I remove him from my auto insurance policy?

Your student is still considered a member of your household and needs to still be listed as a driver on your auto policy.  This will also provide coverage for driving another car, medical payments coverage, and uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage.  Depending on the number of annual miles your student drives, a reduced rate may be given.

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What discounts are available on the auto policy?

Some of the discounts available include WEAC member discount, multi-car, mature driver, accident free, driver safety, good student, and a discount if you have your home policy also with WEA Member Benefits.

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What do I need to provide for a good student discount?

We need a scholastic record for the immediately preceding school semester showing that the student obtained a grade point average of 3.0 or more on a 4.0 scale, ranked scholastically among the upper 20% of his/her class, or was included on the "Dean's List" or "Honor Roll."

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What does comprehensive coverage cover me for?

Comprehensive coverage reimburses you for vehicle damage caused by circumstances other than a collision, such as vandalism, hail, or for things like a cracked windshield or hitting an animal.

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What should I do if I am in an auto accident?

If the accident is not on private property and if you think the damage is at least $1,000, you should report it immediately to the police.  Try to write down the names, addresses, telephone numbers, and insurance information of everyone involved, and report the claim to us as soon as possible.

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Which coverages on my auto policy apply to a rental vehicle?

As long as the rental vehicle is a substitute for a vehicle listed on your policy, the auto coverages on your policy extends to the rental vehicle as long as the vehicle is rented for less than 30 days and is driven by a member of your household who is listed on your auto policy.

 A substitute vehicle is one you are using in place of another insured vehicle for a similar purpose. If you are renting a vehicle and your insured vehicle is being used by another insured person during the same time period, the rental vehicle is not considered a substitute.

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Will I need to get two estimates?

No.  We do not require you to get two estimates.

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