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Share the benefits: It’s a family thing

DATE | 03/11/19
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Did you know family members of Wisconsin public school employees may also be eligible to participate in many of Member Benefits' great programs?

Wisconsin public school employees have the unique opportunity to participate in the insurance and retirement savings programs offered by Member Benefits. But did you know that your family, including your spouse or domestic partner, children and their spouses, parents, parents-in-law—and in some cases, your grandchildren—may also be eligible to participate in many of these great programs?

Plus, once enrolled, you and your family may continue participating in these programs even if you leave or change jobs. Even if you decide to discontinue participating in Member Benefits programs after leaving or changing jobs, you have six months to stay eligible for our programs.

Family members can contact us directly for an insurance quote on their auto or home, information about opening an IRA, or our financial planning services.

Restrictions may apply. Wisconsin residency required.

1To be eligible for this program, you must meet the IRS eligibility requirements for contributing to an IRA.