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403(b) tax-sheltered annuity

Including the WEA Tax Sheltered Annuity Trust as an approved provider in your 403(b) plan gives you access to all the other services listed. Check out our 403(b) add-on services to help save time and money for your district.
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Quarterly e-news

 "Benefits NewsBrief" will help you and your business office staff stay up to date on program changes and compliance requirements. 
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Financial education

Help your employees make the most of their salary and benefits by providing free financial seminars. Choose the educational seminars you'd like to offer your staff.
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Payroll deduction

Offering payroll deduction for auto, home, and umbrella insurance premiums and IRA contributions provides employees with built-in budgeting. It's easy to set up and there is no cost to the district.
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In-service presentations (early release, late start, etc.)

This is a great way to introduce the Trust Advantage program. We can provide a five-minute fly over or go into more detail about the benefits, depending on available time. This is also a good time to distribute appropriate materials to help promote the benefits available to district employees.
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After-school presentations

Choose from our list of financial seminars.
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On-site employee visits

Staff will appreciate having a trusted consultant available on site from time to time to answer questions about their retirement savings and/or personal insurance needs as well as other Trust Advantage benefits.
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Benefit/vendor fairs

If you host a benefit fair for employees of your district, we’ll be there to meet employees, answer their questions, and promote the value of their employee benefits.
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New employee orientations

We can help inform new staff about the benefits available to them through the Trust Advantage program by participating in your new employee orientations.
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Financial organizer consultations

Staff can sit one-on-one with a consultant and get financially organized. We provide a three-ring binder with tabs to help them keep on top of their personal finances.
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Mentor program enhancements

Help your new employees get off on the right financial foot by incorporating financial education into your mentor program, including our popular Don’t Be Jack™ interactive board game. It’s a great opportunity to combine fun and learning.
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Communications services

We take care of all the communication and promotional activities needed to build awareness for and encourage participation in individual benefit programs.
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Financial Seminars

  • Pre-Tax and After-Tax Salary Reduction Agreement
  • IRA Contribution Form
  • Trust Advantage FAQ