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If you have questions or comments about Trust Advantage™ payroll processing, please contact:


1-800-279-4030, Extension 1101

Order New Hire Kits (Trust Advantage)

The new employee kit includes everything a new employee needs to know about the benefits of Trust Advantage. When , please include your name, school district, and quantity desired.

Payroll Deduction Authorization Form

This form provides employee authorization to have personal insurance premiums or IRA contributions deducted from their pay check.

Payroll Coordinators Trust Advantage Handbook

This handbook includes everything payroll coordinators need to know about Trust Advantage.

Trust Advantage Payroll Coordinators Handbook (QuickLink)
Trust Advantage Payroll Coordinators Handbook (QuickLink, TSA only)


Basic questions about the Trust Advantage program can be found in our database of frequently asked questions.

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Financial Seminars

  • Pre-Tax and After-Tax Salary Reduction Agreement
  • IRA Contribution Form
  • Trust Advantage FAQ