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DATE | 02/11/19
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Download these helpful guides created especially for younger educators.

10 Money-Saving Tips New Teachers Want to Know

As a recent grad and young educator, you may be feeling overwhelmed by new responsibilities and financial obligations. You’re not alone—it can be difficult to juggle rent, utilities, transportation, student loan payments, food, and every once in a while…a night out with friends. Find some balance with our free eBook.

  • Get smart with helpful financial tips and surprising facts.
  • Find free resources you can use right away.
  • Read about real-life financial challenges and solutions from other young teachers.


The Wisconsin Retirement System pension is an important source of retirement income for most state of Wisconsin employees, including Wisconsin public school employees. How much do you know about this benefit? Get your questions answered, such as:

  • The difference between the Core and Variable funds.
  • How to read your ETF statement.
  • Formula vs. money purchase calculations.
  • Links to helpful tools, videos, calculators, and more.

Student Loans 

Almost everything an educator needs to know about student loans, student debt, the federal student loan forgiveness program, and more. This eBook addresses frequently asked questions about student loans including:

  • The different types of education loans.
  • Consolidation, repayment, and special circumstances.
  • The basics of the Federal Teacher Loan Forgiveness program.
  • Tips and checklists for applying for loan forgiveness.

Buying a Home

Are you in the process of buying your first home, or thinking about purchasing one down the road? Our interactive Financial Guide: Buying a Home eBook is full of tips and information on purchasing, evaluating, and protecting your new home. Learn more about:

  • The “real” costs of homeownership.
  • Considerations regarding risk.
  • Some home-buying DOs and DON’Ts.
  • A checklist for evaluating a home.
  • Insuring your home: How much do you know about protecting your largest investment?
  • Tips on becoming a better insurance consumer.

For those of any age…

What To Do When You Lose a Loved One

When you lose someone you love, there are many details to consider. Our financial guide walks you through important financial tasks to do during the days, weeks, and months that follow after a loved on passes away. The eBook includes:

  • A checklist of important to-do items when a loved one passes away.
  • Important things to consider before and after the death of a loved one.
  • How to protect your deceased loved one from identity theft.
  • The Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS) and Social Security survivor and beneficiary information.
  • How to move on financially after a loved one dies.