Hey Badger fans! Nominate an outstanding educator

WEA Member Benefits, together with the University of Wisconsin Athletics and WEAC, recognizes public educators throughout the Badger State. Thank you for your dedication to improving public education and the lives of our students!

Don’t miss this opportunity to nominate yourself or another deserving Wisconsin public educator to be recognized with an Outstanding Educator Award and a chance to win special prizes. Eight winners will be chosen throughout the campaign. The campaign nominations will be closing on February 1, 2021.

Enter at uwbadgers.com/outstandingeducator.

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Financial trivia!

Take a little break and test your financial knowledge!

1. Currency is made of a combination of:
A. Wood pulp and cotton
B. Wool and silk fiber
C. Linen and burlap
D. Cotton and linen

2. The largest U.S. note ever printed was worth:
A. $10,000
B. $20,000
C. $50,000
D. $100,000

3. Which of these is NOT a security feature of U.S. currency?
A. Color-shifting ink
B. Magnetic strip
C. Image of the pyramid
D. Red and blue fibers

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Answers:   1. D     2. D    3. C

Source: FederalReserveEducation.org