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Insurance is NOT one-size-fits-all

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Mark DannehlIf you’re like most people, you may think of auto and home insurance as a commodity—or one-size-fits-all. But when you do that, you risk leaving yourself (and your family) exposed to financial loss or purchasing coverages you don’t need.

Instead, by going deeper and considering these three principles, you may be able to increase the likelihood of making sure your appropriately covered.

  1. Buy value, not price. For example, is exposing yourself to loss by lowering your liability limits worth saving a few dollars every month? Make sure you understand the implications.
  2. Maximize your insurance dollar. The risk of a catastrophic event may be low, but it does happen… and it can be financially devastating. If you’re looking to save money, explore reducing your deductible before you consider reducing coverage.
  3. Insure for the catastrophic—it’s the real reason we have insurance. Umbrella insurance is often overlooked, but most financial planners consider it a must-have. It’s also very affordable.

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Mark Dannehl, Personal Insurance Consultant