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Four financial goals for fall

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N'Kenza WhitlowHow times flies! We’re already well into the new school year. Before the holidays get too close, why not take advantage of the season by taking a peek at your finances. Here are four things you can do to get ahead.

Don’t miss the open enrollment period to participate in a 403(b). School districts have their own open enrollment times. Check with your district office to make sure you’re not missing an October deadline.

Maximize your retirement savings. Could you contribute more toward your retirement yet this year? Saving more may lower your taxable income and help you reach your retirement goals. Check on 403(b) and IRA contribution limits.

Take stock of transitions. Summer is often a time of weddings, moving, job changes, and more.

Do a budget check-up. Use our fillable budget sheet and free financial calculators to get a good picture of your spending habits and make any adjustments necessary. It can help you set priorities, keep you from spending more than you earn, and prepare you for financial emergencies.

If you’d like to learn even more money lessons, ask your district to host a Don’t Be Jack™ game from Member Benefits, a free interactive financial learning game. It’s both fun and informative! Or visit our seminars page for upcoming events and financial education on demand.

N'Kenza Whitlow, Retirement Savings Consultant