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Six safety tips to keep in mind when using fireworks and sparklers

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Mark DannehlFriends, family, fun and fireworks…the quintessential ingredients for a fun-filled fourth of July. Whatever your plans, be sure to keep safety in mind and use common sense if you decide to use sparklers or fireworks. Here are a few tips to keep you safe:

  1. Always follow the directions on fireworks and use them only as they are intended.
  2. Keep fireworks away from flammable materials like grass, leaves, trees, and brush. If you’re going to light fireworks, light them outside and on a smooth, flat surface away from buildings, vehicles and people.
  3. Do have a bucket of water or a hose nearby when lighting fireworks.
  4. Do not try to relight fireworks that are duds. And do not throw spent fireworks into a fire pit or campfire. Instead soak them in water and dispose of them properly.
  5. Always supervise children using sparklers and keep them away from clothing and hair.
  6. Consider glow sticks for the little kids. They’re safer, they provide hours of fun, plus they can help you keep track of your children when it’s dark.

For more safety tips, videos and an interesting infographic about fireworks and the injuries they can cause, visit the Consumer Product Safety Commission website.

Mark Dannehl, Personal Insurance Consultant