Member spotlight: Joanna Rizzotto

Joanna Rizzotto"I’ve been teaching for 20 years—15 of those for the School District of South Milwaukee. I was encouraged to be a teacher by my parents. My love for teaching was sparked by helping my dad work toward a high school diploma through a local Hispanic community center. I was also inspired by the caring teachers I had in the public schools I attended.

"As a high school teacher, I feel honored to work with students during this transitional time in their lives. Teens are largely mischaracterized. I find them to be compassionate, creative, generous, and very curious about the world. I get energy from their thoughts and ideas. Teaching is a very human profession and I’m fortunate to be surrounded by great people.
Member Benefits is an organization dedicated to our profession. Public school employees trust in that.

"I have a 403(b) account with Member Benefits. It’s an organization dedicated to our profession—not just teachers, but kitchen staff, secretarial staff, teaching assistants, and administration.

"You know, educators are dedicated to working with children and serving communities. We didn’t go to college and earn credentials just to try it out. The accessibility and stability that Member Benefits provides allows us to focus on our jobs. Their programs and services are tailored to public school employees. They have credibility. We trust each other.

"I’ve noticed that when people come to the Member Benefits’ financial education seminars or take part in their individual consultations, they always walk away feeling hopeful. Families are impressed with what is available. Access to financial information specific to your profession is a benefit available to all public school employees. Member Benefits provides a good service—and that makes our jobs easier."

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