Smart Money Move #4: Protect your investments...big and small

Financial Moves #4 

Protect your investments...big and small

It takes time and money to accumulate the things you have. You've worked hard for them—be sure you have adequate insurance coverage. 

Think you have enough protection? 

If you haven't done your research, that may not be the case. For example, nearly two-thirds of people with homeowners insurance are underinsured (Marshall & Swift/Boeckh). Their 2013 report shows those homes are undervalued by an average of 17%—a significant amount.

Less is not always more.

Many people shop for the least expensive insurance premium and call it a day, but that doesn't mean they're getting the right amount of coverage for their situation. It's important to find a balance between coverage and cost that's right for you.

So what should you do? 

Here are some tips for protecting your investments: District Insurance Eval

  • Save money on insurance by raising deductibles, not cutting coverage.
  • Evaluate your insurance at least annually, or when you have a major life change.
  • Protect yourself. Umbrella insurance is an affordable option that provides additional coverage if you are found liable to others as a result of an accident or other catastrophic event.
  • Get help. Our consultants can help you determine the right coverage for you and answer any questions you may have. Call us at 1-800-279-4010 or visit to schedule a free personal phone consultation.

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