NEW! Equipment Breakdown Coverage

...just $26 per year for participants in our home insurance program.


Surprise! You wake up to find your furnace or air conditioner stopped working, your electronics were fried by a power surge, or your refrigerator has died. These costly events can turn your household finances upside down. Member Benefits now offers Equipment Breakdown Coverage* for participants in our home insurance program.

Equipment breakdown coverage provides primary coverage for mechanical, electrical, and pressure systems breakdown. This inexpensive coverage reduces gaps in home coverage, provides green environmental coverage and efficiency improvements, and can replace more costly home warranty programs and “big-box” retailers’ extended warranties.

  • Covers breakdown of washer/dryer, refrigerator, oven, pool/spa equipment, and more.
  • Covers breakdown of boilers, furnaces, heat pumps, solar units, air conditioners, electrical panels, hot water heaters, humidifiers, and more.
  • Covers breakdown of computer, telephone, audio/video systems, televisions, security systems, and more.

Call one of our Personal Insurance Consultants for more information at 1-800-279-4010 or get more details in our online brochure.

*Equipment breakdown coverage does NOT apply to equipment failure resulting from age or normal wear and tear.

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