Announcing the 2017 Prudential Guaranteed Annual Credited Rate

WEA Member Benefits is pleased to announce that the 2017 Prudential Guaranteed Investment credited annual rate of return for both the WEA TSA Trust and WEAC IRA programs will be 3.50%*.  

Member Benefits began offering the Prudential Guaranteed Investment to Wisconsin public school employees in 1978. Through a long-time partnership with Prudential Financial, Inc., we have been able to offer participants in our 403(b) and IRA program a guaranteed investment option designed for the conservative investor that provides an attractive rate of return. Prudential is a solid company that continues to receive high marks for strength and stability in the financial industry.

The Prudential Guaranteed Investment account is a long-term savings vehicle with goals and strategies fit for long-term investing. It assumes the role of a fixed-income or bond investment in your asset allocation mix and therefore may be a good choice for those looking for a more conservative approach.

Want to know more?

Start your TSA or IRA today by completing the online enrollment form, or call 1-800-279-4030 to speak with a consultant. Call us if you have any questions about the Prudential Guaranteed Investment.


*Interest is compounded daily to produce a 3.50% annual yield prior to the deduction of administrative fees of the WEA TSA Trust and the WEAC IRA program. The annual credited rate for the Prudential Guaranteed Investment is offered net of Prudential's administrative fee.

The Prudential Guaranteed Investment is a group annuity product issued by Prudential Retirement Insurance and Annuity Company (PRIAC). Amounts contributed to the contract are deposited in PRIAC's general account. Payment obligations and the fulfillment of any guarantees specified in the group annuity contract are insurance claims supported by the full faith and credit of PRIAC. PRIAC periodically resets the interest rate credited on contract balances, subject to a minimum rate specified in the group annuity contract and subject to change. Past interest rates are not indicative of future rates.   

PRIAC is compensated in connection with this product by deducting an amount for investment expenses and risk from the investment experience of certain assets held in PRIAC's general account. PRIAC uses a portion of its aggregate revenue to reimburse WEA for certain of its recordkeeping expenses in connection with the WEA TSA and WEAC IRA programs.

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