Women and retirement series: Taking a risk

Part four of a four-part series


Women’s retirement challenge #4

Women tend to take less risks with their financial investments than men do. With a couple, differing views about finances, investments, and risk tend to balance out. But when women are on their own, many of them develop an even lower risk tolerance. Unfortunately, low-risk investments usually earn relatively low returns (source: marketwatch.com). By investing too conservatively, women risk that the rate of inflation will outpace the rate of return on their investments. This may increase their likelihood of facing financial uncertainty in retirement.

What you can do today

Educate yourself. Seek out reliable information on saving for retirement to help you make good decisions. Some of the basics you should learn about before investing include how fees impact your retirement account, diversification, risk, and the types of investment products available. You should also know what retirement income sources are available to you through your school district.

Utilize Member Benefits’ resources by reading up on retirement issues with our Web site articles and blogs, or join us this year for a free financial seminar at a location near you. Our quarterly magazine, your$, also has a wealth of information. Feel free to view issues online or request your own copy.

If you're a Wisconsin public school employee, take advantage of our financial planning services to help you evaluate your financial picture and create a strategy that works for you. Schedule a free hour-long consultation to start things off.

Series summary

Compared to men, women are more likely to be on their own later in life, face more health problems, and have less money to retire on. However, there are many positive and realistic steps that women can take to improve their situation.

Member Benefits can help you get started on the right financial path. Give us a call and talk to a real person. We’ll listen to you. We’ve been helping Wisconsin public school employees achieve their financial goals for over 45 years. 

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