Communique -- June 2014

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Reminder for staff on leave

Remind staff who take time off (maybe to have a baby and stay home for a while) and stop their 403(b) contributions that they need to start them again when they return. It's often the last thing they think about when returning to work.

Employees retiring or moving on?

During this time of year we find that may districts will have several employees retire or leave for other employment. It is very important to communicate to us if there is a change in any of your employee’s employment status. In order to determine if any employee is allowed to take a distribution from their 403(b) account we will need the most recent employment status on file. Please review employee’s status through our new your plan access and make any changes that are necessary.

Please keep in mind that if the employee returns to the district in any capacity, it is the school district’s responsibility to update the employment status. If you have any questions regarding how to update the employment status, please call 1-800-279-4030, Extension 8567, to speak with a Member Service Representative.

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