Why choose us?

Because we are a member organization, our 403(b) program is designed with unique qualities that set us apart from other commercial providers.

Low fees

One low annual administrative fee with an annual fee cap, keeps more of your money working for you.

  • Low annual administrative fee of 0.35%. Annual fee cap of $500.*
  • No-load mutual funds.
  • No transfer fees.
  • No surrender penalties or withdrawal charges.

*Minimum annual fee of $25 for inactive accounts. Inactive accounts are accounts with no contributions within a calendar year.

More about our 403(b) fees. Learn how fees affect your account balance.

Member focused

  • We operate as a trust which reinvests any profits back into programs that benefit participants.
  • We exclusively serve Wisconsin public education employees.
  • No commissions are paid to Member Benefits staff.
  • We have no shareholders.

Investment choices

No-load mutual funds, representing all asset classes, and our Prudential Guaranteed Investment provide the flexibility you need to manage risk and build a diversified portfolio.

See investment options available to you.

Personal service and consultations

When you call us, you will talk to a live person. Our experienced consultants will take the time to help you develop a plan that is right for you. Schedule a personal phone consultation at a time convenient for you.

Access 24/7

Access your account online at any time.


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  • Beneficiary Change Request Form
  • Exchange/Transfer/Rollover Form
  • Address/Name Change Form