New voluntary benefit: Long-term care insurance with no cost to district

Unique benefits of a group program with no cost to the district

WEA Member Benefits has offered individual long-term care insurance (LTCi) since 1998, with over 20,000 school district employees attending our seminars and webinars, and enrolling more than 7,000 staff members and their spouses.

We’re proud to announce an exclusive multi-life LTCi program which gives participants the benefits of simplified underwriting and the lower cost of an employer-sponsored program without requiring the typical employer’s premium contribution or payroll deduction. See the chart below to see why your employees will value this program.

  Member Benefits exclusive district-sponsored LTCi program Other employer LTCi programs Individual LTCi Advantages of WEA Member Benefits LTCi program
District contribution for simplified underwriting No Yes Not available Important employee protection with no cost to the district 
Underwriting percentage of applications issued a policy Simplified
85% to 90%
50% to 60% Many employees protected who wouldn’t otherwise be insurable 
Percentage of benefit available as cash 50% with no maximum 0% to 33% with no maximum 0% to 40% with $2,400/month maximum More cash available to meet broader array of employee needs 
Premium cost Unisex pricing, women and men pay the same premium rates Unisex pricing Gender based pricing (women now pay 50+% more than men) Premiums are 50+% less for single women and 25+% less for couples 

For more information contact please contact:

Dave Olson
Director of Field Services
(715) 726-1333 (office)
(715) 225-0838 (cell)

Howard Rubin
Program Administrator
(651) 395-4386 (office)
(612) 860-8724 (cell)

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