Employee-paid long-term care insurance program

Since 1998, we have educated over 25,000 public school employees, retirees, and their families about the often-devastating consequences of not being insured for long-term care (LTC).   

Almost no one is asking your staff: “If you need long-term care in the future, how will you pay for it?”

Depending on their perspective about LTC and long-term care insurance (LTCi), we offer a broad array of solutions to meet their needs, which include unique staff and spousal discounts as well as liberal underwriting.  

We make it easy for districts to offer this important benefit:

  • Direct billing to staff, not payroll deducted.
  • With registrations of 10 or more employees, district seminars and individual consulting sessions can be offered.
  • Online and phone enrollment, guided by our specialists.
  • Weekly webinars available.  

Our webinars have answers to frequently asked questions:  

“We’re on a tight budget.”

Learn about current costs for home health care, assisted living, and nursing home facilities; how little health insurance and Medicare cover; and details on our most popular solution for couples and singles with limited budgets.  

“I have health and/or weight challenges.”

New in 2018-19! Our new AM Best A+ insurer uses a different logic for deciding who qualifies for coverage. This enables many more applicants to be approved, including those that have been turned down by one or more LTC insurers. Prescreening is available.   

“I’m concerned about protecting our assets.”

New in 2018-19! Repositioning a small portion of your savings can usually protect a significant amount of your assets. In most cases, you or your estate gets most of your premium back even if you never need LTC. Some plans have premium guarantees, limited-time pay options, or the ability to insure two people for a discounted premium.   

“I don’t understand how the LTCi policy my parents bought 20 years ago works, HELP!”

New in 2018-19! Some of your older staff have parents and younger staff have grandparents with LTCi policies they bought 20-30 years ago that they will soon need to access. Unfortunately, no one in the family knows the basics of how one qualifies for benefits or how to access their policy.  

For more information on our district LTCi Program, please call 888-247-5905 and ask for Howard Rubin, Program Administrator. 

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