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Changes are coming November 30, 2018-December 3, 2018. The final weekend in November we will transition to our updated YourPLANACCESS website. This new design will have easier navigation and is secured with two-factor authentication plus many other improvements.

Your Plan Access

Access your district's 403(b)

your plan access button  

Log in to your PLAN ACCESS for:

  • Administering your district plan
  • Electronic remittance
  • Viewing plan documents
  • Viewing online salary reduction agreements
  • Updating employee info

Watch the following instructional videos to learn how to use your PLAN ACCESS.

Salary Deferral

Remittance Processing

If you currently use Trust Advantage Quicklink to process, continue to use:


Trust Advantage Quicklink (TSA/IRA/P&C)


Trust Advantage

If you currently use Trust AdvantageTM Quicklink to process payroll, continue to use:
Trust Advantage Quicklink (TSA/IRA/P&C)

Remit 403(b) contributions by check

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