Throughout 2020, we will post challenges for Wisconsin public school educators on this page.

Our challenges are designed to help you establish SMART financial goals, think about different ways to save money, and learn more along your financial journey.

Don’t look back at the end of 2020 wishing you saved more for the future and knowing you could’ve.

It’s time to do the best you can, at the time, given the circumstances.

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Challenge Number Three

Emergency fund…what’s that? Give this challenge a try:

Create an account separate from your general checking/savings account to start an emergency fund. Review your budget to decide how much of a contribution to your emergency fund per month is realistic.

Consider setting up a recurring transaction to place that amount in your emergency fund each month.

Have a well established emergency fund and it’s calling your name? Try this challenge out:

Every time you’re considering spending money from your emergency fund, ask yourself these three questions:

     1) Is it unexpected?
     2) Is it necessary (need vs want)?
     3) Is it urgent?

Use your answers to these three questions to guide your decision making.

Check in!

Check your emergency fund balance on December 31, 2020 and make a plan to keep building your emergency fund in 2021.

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