Student Art Contest

Give you students a chance to gain some very special recognition for their creative work!

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Adventure Awaits...5th Annual Student Art Contest01/08/20

Get ready for adventure with our
Fifth Annual Student Art Contest!

Announcing our 2020 contest theme: Adventure & Explore

In 2016, we held our very first Student Art Contest after we were inspired by the Wisconsin Art Education Association’s annual statewide art show at the capitol. For the past four years, visitors to our lobby have been wowed by the outstanding work done by Wisconsin public school students. And we’re happy to showcase their talent!

We decided our fifth year should be something a little extra special. So it’s time to let the creativity flow! How will you and your students tackle our Adventure & Explore theme in 2020?

Here are a few ideas to guide you on this year’s theme. Artwork could be about:

  • Places students have traveled or dream of traveling to.
  • An imaginary place.
  • A person or creature that is adventurous or likes to explore.

**Check back here for contest rules and submission guidelines in February 2020.**

Fourth Annual Student Art Contest

Learn more about our Student Art Winners from our August 8, 2019 gathering.